Eric Kim’s Workshop

Posted on Sunday, October 16th, 2011 at 8:19 pm

10/15-16 @ The Think Tank Gallery – DTLA

Usually I let the photos do the talking, but this time I wanted to share my experience of taking the street photography workshop with Eric Kim. Ever since I started shooting seriously, friends have suggested that I take a class. I’ve always declined because these days, it seems you can get anything on the internet. Street photography is an area though that no matter how much I’ve read up on it, there’s always anxiety or fear when getting close to random strangers. It’s a style I love and really want to start doing myself, so when this opportunity came up, I had to jump on it. The thing I really love about street is the art you see in life. What I want people to see from my shots is “this is life in LA, and this captures it.”

The small group of participants all seemed to have a good sense of photography, but like me, wanted to fearlessly shoot strangers. The mornings consisted of slideshows, videos and discussion. After lunch we got to hit the streets. I got a pretty good grasp on Eric’s style but was amazed at how he just jumps in front of peoples’ faces. He taught us that a simple ‘thank you’ can not only relieve some tension from the subject, but also maybe even make their day. Being with the group definitely helped my confidence. By the second day, I felt that I was still able to go up to people even if we were in smaller groups.

Hopefully this experience was the start of me getting out more and getting some great shots.